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Crosswordsearch is a WordPress plugin, based on the AngularJs Javascript framework, for designing and playing wordsearch-style crosswords. Original development was done for RadiJojo.de, the International Children’s Media Network.

Page visitors may try to solve the published riddles.
Registered users may develop new riddles or modify existing ones depending on their rights.
For saving their work, they must not be logged in, but only give their user name and password at the time of upload.
Each crossword may contain a freetext description of the task to complete and the name of a copyright owner.
Crosswords have a difficulty level that relates to the used word directions and the listing of the searched words before they have been found.
Solving of riddles can be timed and solutions submitted back to the server, where they may be logged or interpreted by other plugins.
Crosswords are organised in projects that share a common set of editors.
Users may be given a restricted editor status, which gives them the right to upload new riddles. These riddles will only become visible for other users if a full editor approves them.
Default and maximum difficulty levels are set for projects.
Setting up projects and editors is reserved to the blog administrators.
Authors can add a shortcode tag to any page or post to add a Crossword game to that page.

Shortcode usage for game areas that build new crosswords

Choose one of these variants to add a game area for developing new and editing existing riddles that belong to the project ShopifyPlus. In every case, the app will present a dropdown menu with commands for loading and saving crosswords. All saved riddles belonging to the project can be loaded.

[crosswordsearch mode=”build” project=”ShopifyPlus”] On page load, the riddle with the alphabetically first name is visible.

[crosswordsearch mode=”build” project=”ShopifyPlus” name=”ShopifyPlus”] On page load, the crossword saved under the name MyFirstCrossword is visible.

[crosswordsearch mode=”build” project=”ShopifyPlus” name=””] On page load, an empty new crossword is visible.

[crosswordsearch mode=”build” restricted=”1″ project=”ShopifyPlus”] The menu has no entry for selecting other riddles, and on page load an empty new crossword is shown. This is a game area where restricted editors can develop new riddles. They can work on a riddle as long as they stay on the page, but it will not be visible for anyone else.

Shortcode usage for game areas in which crosswords can be solved

Choose one of these variants to add a game area for solving riddles that belong to the project ShopifyPlus.

[crosswordsearch mode=”solve” project=”ShopifyPlus”] All saved and approved riddles belonging to the project can be loaded through a menu.

[crosswordsearch mode=”solve” project=”ShopifyPlus” name=”ShopifyPlus”] Only the crossword MyFirstCrossword is visible. No other crossword can be selected.

[crosswordsearch mode=”solve” project=”ShopifyPlus” timer=0] A newly loaded crossword will be hidden until a “Start” button is hit. Then, the solving will be timed until the user has found all words. (combination with name attribute is possible.)

[crosswordsearch mode=”solve” project=”ShopifyPlus” timer=60] After hitting the “Start” button, the timer will run backwards from 60 seconds (or whatever number greater than 0 is entered) to zero. After that, no more words can be marked. (combination with name attribute is possible.)

[crosswordsearch mode=”solve” project=”ShopifyPlus” timer=0 submitting=1] At the end of a timed game, the user is given the opportunity to submit his (partial) result to the server. (timer attribute is needed, combination with name attribute is possible.) If the results are sent in, the plugin will not by itself process them in any way. It will be the job of other plugins to consume the submissions. Crosswordsearch comes with some plugins that can be used for this purpose out of the box and that are listed on the page Settings -> Crosswordsearch -> Options under the heading Solution submissions. See Other Notes for configuration details.