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Shopify Plus Flow – eCommerce Automation – automate repetitive tasks – and delight your customers

Shopify Plus Flow
Shopify Plus new Flow app

The power of eCommerce automation turns Shopify Plus into an even more amazing online platform. David Moellenkamp, Director of Product at Shopify Plus, gives us an overview of Flow’s many powerful features.  Flow adds so many features — it turns Shopify Plus into “Shopify Plus Plus” 🙂

The more successful your Shopify Site is, the more you need Flow. Using Flow’s simple visual interface you can personalize your customer’s shopping experience and also automate repetitive back end tasks which lets your employees focus on their important work  — and delight your customers with a personal touch.

We have already taped a video webinar showing Flow’s many new features.  We are in the process of editing it.  It should be live early next week.  So come back then!

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Flow, contact your Shopify Plus Agency or contact me, Rowby Goren, at rowby@plusrowby.com

To hear the podcast click on the Play button at the top of this post or click here.


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