We welcome Chad Rubin to Plus Rowby.  Chad is the CEO of Skubana.  Skubana solves the most serious problems of order processing and inventory management that cause millions of dollars in losses for e-commerce sellers every year. The result is an e-commerce acceleration platform that has invented a categorically new breed of product: an enterprise-grade, all-in-one cloud portal scalable enough to accommodate small, medium AND enterprise e-commerce companies, all for a fraction of the cost.  Visit Skubana by clicking here:

In this podcast you’ll hear how it all began when Chad started a vacuum cleaner replacement parts e-commerce site. It became hugely successful. However, as it scaled, the systems for keeping track of inventory became insufficient and the warehouse became a jungle to manage. Every software Chad analyzed to solve their problems had either a considerable number of technology issues or boasted a price point that was way out of our budget. To do it all better Chad and his team developed Skubana.

Hear all about it on our podcast.

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