Rowby Ninja TurtlesHello Shopify Plus aficionados.  I’m the Rowby behind the Plus Rowby site.

First of all people sometimes ask me how to pronounce “Rowby”.  Here’s my story.  If you go to a movie theater you’ll find Row A, Row B, and Row C.  I’m “Row B”.

I’ve been building websites for decades, and until a year ago I avoided “shopping cart” sites whenever possible. I hated building them. Then I discovered Shopify by accident — and now I only do Shopify. I’m crazy about Shopify and even crazier about Shopify Plus!

I imagine you’re up to your ears in E-Commerce. There’s so much e-commerce chatter on the web.  Our inboxes are full of e-commerce opportunities.  So I won’t focus on that in on this initial “About Page”.

But first let me tell you a funny story. One of my first Shopify sites was a high-end women’s apparel store. Their brick and mortar store is in Beverly Hills and they sell really expensive items.  For example they sell purses for $4,000.  (I told them if they sold a purse for $4,000 then the customer won’t have enough money left to put in that purse.)

Anyway, when I made my proposal for their new Shopify site their daughter quickly Googled me — and was dismayed when she learned that I used to be a “cartoon writer”.  She told her parents that she had great reservations of having a cartoon writer build their classy Beverly Hills site.   Well as it turned out, thanks to Shopify, the relaunch of their site in Shopify was and continues to be a huge success.

I look forward to sharing with you podcasts, webcasts, app demos and the latest breaking news about Shopify Plus.  And for you ‘toon lovers who watched my cartoons and now are in the e-commerce biz,  now and then I’ll share some stories about my show biz days.
Attack of the 30 Foot Irma
What cartoons did i write?  TONS of them.  Here are some of the most popular. It’s fun when I get a client who watched my cartoons when they were kids. Here’s a short list:  “He-Man”, “Fat Albert”, “Berenstain Bears”, “Tiny Toons”, “Ninja Turtles”, “The Busy World of Richard Scarry”, Where’s Waldo”, “Mario Brothers”, “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “Tracy Ullman’s Little Lulu”, “Arthur the Aardvark”, “California Raisins”, “Puff n’ Stuff”, “Tiny Toons”, “Teen Wolf”, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures”  — and like I said tons more.

BTW I started my comedy writing career on the ground-breaking TV series “Laugh-In” — from which Saturday Night Live evolved (I was offered a staff writing job during the premiere season of SNL but turned it down because I didn’t want to move from sunny California. I also thought SNL wouldn’t last 🙂 )  I also wrote “Three’s Company”, “Hart to Hart”, and a ton of game shows, including Alex Trebeck’s first game show in the USA.  I was involved in the early development of Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center.

And lots more!

Enough of me for now. If you want to learn more about me just be like the daughter of the fancy Beverly Hills clothing store and Google Rowby Goren.  You’ll see that in addition to my years of comedy writing credits — you’ll see me promoting Shopify and Shopify Plus — because I am crazy about them 🙂

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